I am very proud to have earned the National Association of Realtors© designation as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES). You might have read the announcement in an email from me or on my blog.

What does the SRES designation mean for you?

It means that I have been trained to help people aged 50 and over (or their families) ) look ahead and make plans for their housing needs as they age. 

Planning in advance for our needs in 10 or 15 years is a smart thing to do. This kind of planning is much easier and less emotional when we are younger. Planning in advance also allows us to take the time we need to consult with family and financial advisors. It is also the best way to incorporate into your plans the knowledge and experience of a professional realtor who ues) look ahead and make plans for their housing needs as they age. At 50, many of us do not want to admit that it is time to think about different priorities for housing as we grow older. I know it is difficult for me to do!

My role, as a SRES is to help you understand the current state of the local real estate market and future expectations. I can also help you look at how your current home factors in to your total financial picture. I can help you look at how the value of your home affects your choices for senior housing in the future. I can also help you understand and evaluate the various types of senior housing to determine what is best for you.nderstands your needs and knows how to help you make your plan and implement it when the time comes. It also allows time to discuss future needs with your physician with regard to any physical conditions you might have.

If a change is part of your plan for the future, I can also sit down with you and your family and help you sort through the very emotional aspects of a decision to sell a family home. As difficult as the decisions may be, the top priority in senior housing should be finding the housing option that supports the highest quality of life for you. That may mean something smaller that reduces the cleaning and maintenance work and expense, or it might mean eliminating those concerns.

When the time comes to sell or to buy, I can bring my experience and expertise to help you to find the right buyer for your current home and to find the best possible future home for your needs.

I’ll also be sharing a number of insights and resources in this part of my website in the future. I hope you will check back regularly to find information that will assist you.

There is no charge for my help as you contemplate and plan for your housing needs in the future. If I can be of assistance to you, please call me.

Thinking about buying or selling your home, work with an SRES® from SRES Designation on Vimeo.



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