Tenant Screening


Use link below to get to our tenant screening application. 


Be sure on Rental Agent Name pull-down menu you select Ken Urman as the agent.

The application fee will be collected via a credit card as part of the application process.  Tenant screening is handled by Alliance 20/20, a professional third party tenant screening service.

These items should be uploaded with the application:

- Scan of Photo Identification
- Proof of Income
- Social Security Card

We accept the most qualified applicant.

Generally required information may include:
•  Applicant on-time for showing appointment
•  Positive Government Issued ID
•  Fully completed application for every occupant 18 years and older
•  Applicant(s) able to pay complete deposit and rent deposit at time of lease signing
•  Proof of adequate income which could include any of the following:
    - Most recent paycheck stub
    - Tax return copies for self-employed applicants
    - Copies of deposit slips, investment earnings documents or Social Security earnings for retired applicants
    - Any additional sources of income, ie child or spousal support, trust fund income

Income, Credit and Employment information required may include:
•  Proof of verifiable employment and / or verifiable source of income
•  Adequate gross income to rent ratio
•  No excessive debt which may impact applicant(s) ability to pay rent
•  Good credit history free of negative credit issues which may indicate an applicant is high-risk and / or indicates a pattern of payment delinquency

Court Records:
•  History of criminal activity (arrests and / or convictions by any occupant, adult or minor) which could negatively affect tenancy

Rental history information required may include:
•  If applicant has prior rental experience, good references from prior landlord(s)
•  No prior evictions on applicant(s) record


Thank you